TBEX 2016 will be held in Stockholm, Sweden. This is a beginners guide to TBEX (for travelbloggers).

We’ve had great fun at TBEX 2015 in Barcelona. I’ve met amazing people and was completely inspired when I came back home. Since I felt that I didn’t have enough information on beforehand, I decided to write some advise for those who will visit TBEX for the first time in Stockholm 2016.

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Get ready to promote your blog

Bring business cards, a t-shirt with the name of your blog on it and, if you can, a media kit.

Book your TBEX ticket on time

They get more expensive over time.

Prepare the sessions

Take a look at the subjects and google the speakers before you arrive. Most of them are professional bloggers that you’ve probably already heard about. Digging a little deeper can make things more interesting.

TBEX group on Facebook

Sign up for the Facebook group in order to get more information or to ask questions. Ours was called “TBEX Costa Brava 2015 Attendee Chat group”.

Don’t book a full board hotel

If you book a luxury hotel; don’t book full board. TBEX offers lunches and sponsors offer evening parties with food included. On other days you will probably go out for dinner with other bloggers. Just arrange breakfast and you’ll be fine.

Book your flight on time

The website said I had to wait to book my flight because they would announce some blogtrips later on, but because of this I ended up paying 280 euros for the flight instead of 60, so book early.

Sign up for blogtrips

In 2015, there were blogtrips during the four days before the event (Monday – Thursday) and one week after (Monday – Sunday). I’ve been told that it was different in 2014, so keep an eye on the TBEX website.

If you sign up for a blogtrip, make sure to show up. We’ve had some issues last TBEX of people not showing up. This way you’re taking a place that others might have liked to have AND that you’re giving bloggers a bad reputation. We don’t want that of course, because it damages our business.

Besides that, blogtrips are fun! I went on a full day trip including skydiving and I’ve made friends for life. We even got invited to another blogtrip!

If you’re not going on any blogtrip, it’s still worth spending some extra time in the hosting city, because during the event you won’t have time to go sightseeing.

Don’t pack too much

Leave some space in your bag, so that you can bring home flyers and business cards (trust me; you’ll end up having A LOT of those).

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See you at TBEX next year!

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  1. Wat leuk zo’n overzicht! Ik had er graag bijgeweest, maar mocht helaas niet vliegen. Wel al een ticket gekocht, maar helaas… Volgend jaar misschien!

    • Mirre Reply

      Jammer Sandra! Ik hoop je volgend jaar in Stockholm te zien 🙂

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